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taang100 ☆

a drabble community for toph/aang fans

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a drabble community for toph/aang fans
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Welcome to taang100 ☆! A community dedicated to Avatar: the Last Airbender's pairing Toph-Aang! /o/ Much like sokkla100 and zutara100, there is a HUGE prompt table of which will assist you in writing your taangy drabbles and sharing the love ♥

(based off of sokkla/zutara100)

→ All drabbles must center around Toph/Aang :D Otherwise this wouldn't be called Taang100, right? Use whoever else you like in the fic, but taang should be your main focus.
→ The themes are there for a reason! Pretty, aren't they? You'll have to use these as prompts for the fics that you write; interpret them in anyway that you like -- be creative, please! But don't use a theme so vaguely it's as if you didn't use one at all~
→ Give us something new; I'm sure you've become tired at one time or another of reading the same ol' lemon fics on fanfiction.net. Or that there are times where you wish and wish and wish (damnit!) that there were more taang fics... Well, let's remedy that! Let us populate the world with out taangy love! ^^
→ I don't mind if you cross-posted. Heck, post your stuff on ff.net if you want! Just remember the rule above.
→ Post drabbles in any order, any length. There's no time limit, and if you can do one theme as many times as you like; You don't even have to use every theme! BUT... you can not write a fic for two themes, If you have to put two themes into your subject line for one story, then it goes against the rules (of course, if your posting two stories in one post, then by all means please include both prompts)
→ LJ cut's keep ALL journals looking nice and pretty, and that's why I want you to use them here. Seriously~ if you don't use an lj-cut, I'll have to delete your entry.
→ tag all of your entries with your username and the theme you are using. So if I were posting a drabble for the theme "Open Air", it should look like this: finite_azure, Open Air. No underscores for the prompt tags, please. Use them for your username if they are in there.

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sokkla100 -- Sokka/Azula. What else is there to say? Put the two most sarcastic people together and something is bound to happen.

(for your entry and subject line)

Below is the format for posting fics. Every entry should have the following; and you can add extra things if you wish. The subject line should read: Prompt #: Theme; Fic Title. Example: Prompt 76: Watercolor; All in Good Time

001.Memoir 002.Perpetual 003.Alchemy 004.Amulet 005.Aerial
006.Aesthetic 007.Antique 008.Mischief 009.Commit 010.Break
011.Reverie 012.Allusive 013.Echo 014.Earthly 015.Lucid
016.Obstinate 017.Haste 018.Vague 019.Affinity 020.Ideal
021.Purge 022.Purify 023.Quintessence 024.Renegade 025.Replay
026.Rendezvous 027.Sophistic 028.Melancholia 029.Meticulous 030.Pillage
031.Monody 032.Pathway 033.Envy 034.Knight 035.Unstable
036.Intimate 037.Rehab 038.Insane 039.Sunbath 040.Moonshine
041.Starfruit 042.Subconscious 043.Shade 044.Nightclub 045.Dayspa
046.Confess 047.Manor 048.Open Air 049.Underground 050.Mirth
051.Zeal 052.Zest 053.Whirlwind 054.Enamor 055.Backdoor
056.Paradise 057.Oceanic 058.Mirage 059.Dusk 060.Dawn
061.Mist 062.Prisoner 063.Solitary 064.Asylum 065.Fortress
066.Nostalgia 067.Schoolroom 068.Restrain 069.Intricate 070.Jaded
071.Azure 072.Nirvana 073.Nocturnal 074.Diurnal 075.Nymph
076.Watercolor 077.Geisha 078.Tether 079.Erase 080.Liberate
081.Center 082.Rythym 083.Routine 084.Serene 085.Edge
086.Honor 087.Glamour 088.Grownup 089.Nevermore 090.Lagoon
091.Evolve 092.Play 093.Between 094.Thoughtless 095.Second Chance
096.Fight 097.Written 098.Discover 099.Hidden 100.Silence